Peru is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina. Peruvian territory is megadiverse, with a long coast which edges the Pacific Ocean, the incredibly tall Andes mountains and the mighty Amazon Jungle which covers 59% of the land. Four million tourist visit Peru every year (600 thousand from US) due to great cultural and natural attractions, like Machu Picchu, Chan Chan, Tucume, Kuelap, the Amazon River, Gotca waterfall and Colca Canyon.

With a population of 32 million people, 80% of them living in urban areas (10 million alone are located in Lima) and almost 9 million are younger than 15 years, Peru has been the cradle of the Incan Empire, was the capital of the Spanish colonies in America and now a vibrant democracy, leading the economic growth in the region. Peruvian GDP grew from less than $60 billion to more than $210 billion in the last 20 years. Its main exports are metal -basic and precious, oil, agricultural and seafood products, chemicals, other minerals, textile and other manufactures.