About Us:

The Trade Commission of Peru in New York’s primary role is to connect businesses and people from Peru and the United States to increase investments, commerce and tourism. Our key functions are: provide information, analyze demand trends, promote new products from Peru, participate in trade shows, organize special trips or missions to Peru, etc.   Located in the heart of Manhattan, we strive to serve any parties interested in Peru and who are open to start a conversation by e-mail, phone or through a meeting. If you would like to contact the Trade Commission of Peru in New York or set up an appointment, please call (+1) 646-455-0676 or send an email to info@iPERU.NYC. We will get back to you promptly.


Peru is a very popular cultural tourist destination with incredible archaeological sites such as Machu Picchu, Ruta Moche and Kuelap, along with beautiful and historic yet modern cities like Lima, Cuzco, Arequipa, Trujillo or Iquitos. Peru is the third largest territory in South America after Brazil and Argentina and its coast is on the Pacific Ocean. Then, the Andes Mountains run down the middle of the country while the Amazon Jungle takes up the resting 59% of land. There is something interesting for everyone in Peru. For detailed information, other than what is shared in this page, please visit PromPeru tourism page in English at: https://peru.info/en-us/tourism


Peru offers many investment opportunities in various export sectors such as mining, oil, agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, etc. They have a growing market with a big demand for rural and urban infrastructure, real estate development, tourism, retail, education, etc. For special Private/Public Partnership projects visit the Investment Promotion Agency of Peru, ProInversion: https://www.proinversion.gob.pe Setting up a company in Peru: https://www.investinperu.pe/modulos/JER/PlantillaStandard.aspx?are=1&prf=0&jer=5761&sec=17  


Peru has many unique and competitive products and services that get sent across the world. Some of the main export focuses are on many metals, oil, agricultural products, seafood, chemicals, manufacturing and textiles. The Trade Commission of Peru in New York’s first responsibility is to find new buyers in the Northeast region for more Peruvian products and to have a friendly, useful relations with the known clients of Peruvian exporters. One key argument is that there is a very convenient Trade Promotion Agreement between Peru and US, which helps to maintain competitive pricing for amazing, exclusive products such as Super Foods Peru and Alpaca del Peru. Services provided by the Trade Commission of Peru in New York for US importers:

  • Provide information about Peruvian products and possible providers
  • Promote Peruvian participation in events and/or commercial tradeshows
  • Coordinate trade missions or individual business trips to Peru
  • Work with American importers and retailers to promote Peruvian products
  • Facilitate international trade working with local authorities

Services for Peruvian exporters: Our focus is to help exporters become successful by obtaining new, bigger and better clients in the Northeast Region of the US. In this fast-paced market, this is not an easy task and requires a lot of work from brands and promoters to have excellent products, vast knowledge on the production process, understand buyer needs, have a fast-logistic process with excellent service and a powerful, strategic brand with a well-designed webpage. For the companies that are ready to compete in New York, we will match them with our database of buyers who are looking for the best possible match and could even arrange a mission and include them in tradeshows. Special products or new sectors would require more time for preparation to find interested buyers. Please check out these helpful links for new or small exporters: Ruta Exportadora Exporta Facil Sistema Integrado de Información de Comercio Exterior (Siicex)   Consulate and Visas: American tourists to Peru do not require any Visa, just a Passport with at least 6 months of validity. For a business or investor Visa inquiries or any consultation on these matters, please call the General Consulate of Peru in New York at (+1) 646-503-6935 or email visas@conperny.org/ consulado@conperny.org