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May 23 2019

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Past Events…

April –  24 & 25 – 2019

UN Symphony Orchestra presents a new original musical, El Cóndor Pasa — Andean Hope, a fresh new take on the traditional indigenous story from Peru.

El Cóndor Pasa — Andean Hope is inspired in traditions and lives of Andean regions of South America and reflects on the issues of the South American rural peoples that face the contradictions inherent in internal migration, when the inhabitants of the Andes are attracted by the cosmopolitan influences that come from the cities, and that induce them to leave their place of origin.

In order to capture this ethnic flavour, the ensemble will include guest musicians with indigenous Andean instruments, as well as dancers that will represent mythological dances of the Andes. The musical is resplendent with indelible melodies typical of the Andes of the deep America, and will be showcased by more than 150 performers.

March –  21 – 2019

DAVID BURKE celebrates his Peruvian travels with a special menu of green artichokes and other products from Peru on Thursday, March 21st at David Burke Tavern!

5 Course Pre-Fixe Menu w/ Pisco Cocktail Pairing – $65
+ Crispy Reese Artichoke salad | avocado | piquillo | goat cheese | quinoa
+ Octopus skewers | Botija olives
+ Crab stuffed peppadew with Aji Amarillo
+ Coconut poached mahi shaved artichoke | corned beef quinoa citrus salad | piquillo hummus
+ Lucuma and Irish whiskey creme brûlée

Cocktail Pairing
Angry 100: Pisco 100 infused Aji Amarillo | Passion Fruit Puree
100 Mule: Pisco 100 | Lime Juice | Ginger Beer | Cilantro