Peru is a very big provider of food to the world, located in the southern hemisphere benefiting from the opposite seasons in the big northern markets. When winter comes along in cities like New York and fresh fruits and vegetables are needed, Peru comes to the rescue and provides before many of its southern competitors. In recent years, table grapes from Peru reached the annual record of $700 million, while avocado almost reached $600 million, asparagus topped $500 million and blueberries, which are the new growing star, reached over $350 million and continue to increase.

But Peru also offers coffee (specialty and organic), cacao, quinua, artichoke, mangos, citrus, organic bananas, onions, sugar and many other different products, including seafood (mainly frozen) for exports. These are mainly being shipped to the US, but also reach Europe and Asia, and have been on the rise. Fresh exports grew around a 15% during 2017, a new record. This is seen as one of the best success stories of Peru’s recent economic development and the creation of jobs in the countryside.