Peru is considered one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America with big and small investments, booming export sectors and a strong developing domestic market. Foreign investments have been made in exports like mining, fishing, oil, tourism and others, but also in banking, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, electricity and other public services activities which depend on local demand.

Foreign investors are welcomed to Peru with a modern legal framework based on the constitutional premise that foreign businesses are to be treated identical to domestic companies. Part of the Peruvian miracle in economic growth is explained by the modern and favorable to private investment model implemented again in the nineties and that every government since has respected. The Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) of Peru, ProInversion, currently specializes in Private Public Partnerships (PPP) and has an impressive track record of hundreds of projects already awarded to private operators and an attractive portfolio in many public services and mining and other sectors, which anyone can see on their website.