Every foodie and beverage expert knows that Pisco is a gift to the cocktail world! Pisco is a clear, flavorful, versatile, distilled spirit. Pisco, spirit of Peru, is pure joy in a glass. According to its DO (Denomination of Origin), Pisco is made from 8 particular grapes that grow in the southern coast of Peru, a desert area, where the flavor of the grapes is so perfectly preserved, not even rain interferes with its taste.  From there, it’s turned into 3 types of Pisco, each with its own characteristics: Puro, Acholado or Mosto Verde. Pisco is its own category, as is wine, and is so refined that you can drink it neat, sip by sip, like the best cognacs or single malt whiskies.  It can also be turned into a party in a glass as a cocktail. Just about every cocktail can be made with Pisco, like an Old Fashioned… or Moscow Mule… or Cosmopolitan, and it would have a different level of complexity along with an excellent taste.

So, go to your favorite bars and restaurants and ask for Pisco! Explore the many options. It just may be the best cocktails of your life! But, if your bartender is not so familiar with Pisco, while doubtful it could happen, you can explain the magnificence and versatility of Pisco. We bet he/she will thank you with a comp’d round! More than likely, Pisco will be waiting for you there next time. The Trade Commission of Peru in New York has partnered with the different Pisco brands to take Pisco to the next level this summer with a special campaign… inspiring bars and restaurants around NYC to bring you innovative Pisco cocktails. We just launched the initiative at Bar Convent Brooklyn, the trade event for spirit industry executives, where Dale Degroff -a.k.a King Cocktail- developed 3 signature Summer Pisco Cocktails for us:

  • Blueberry Pisco Sour, a modern take on a Peruvian classic
  • Pisco Punch, fresh pineapple wedges and Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur, which uses Peruvian ginger and produced in Brooklyn
  • Pisco Tropical Spritz, the “it” spritz with mango shrub and prosecco (or club soda)

More than 30 local bars and restaurants, including some of the Peruvian eateries in NYC, will join in with exciting Pisco cocktails of all kinds and for all summer long.  Visit them and explore the greatness of Pisco! Watch the videos, read the articles, follow us on social media and stay tuned for more. You’ll find comments and recipes -easy and ambitious- from the experts, that you can enjoy at home or for your next summer soiree.

Pisco Articles

 is closer than you think…

Some Bars & Restaurants that serve Pisco Sour in NYC:
  1. Nobu Fifty Seven & Downtown
  2. Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle Hotel
  3. David Burke Tavern
  4. Eleven Madison Park
  5. NoMad
  6. Casa Enrique
  7. Gotham Bar & Grill
  8. Cucharamama
  9. The Living Room at the Park Hyatt
  10. Coppelia
  11. Banc Cafe
  12. Brandy Library
  13. Park Avenue Winter
  14. Harper’s
  15. Vida Verde
  16. Boticarios
Some Bars & Restaurants with other Pisco cocktails:
  1. Quality Meats
  2. Dead Rabbit
  3. Bathtub Gin
  4. Leyenda
  5. Pera
  6. The Mark Hotel
  7. The Aviary
  8. Dear Irving
  9. The Lambs Club
  10. The Monkey Bar
  11. Clover Club
  12. Middle Branch
  13. Patent Pending
Some of the best known Peruvian restaurants in NYC:
  1. Sen Sakana
  2. Baby Brasa
  3. Pollo D’ Oro
  4. Pio Pio
  5. Amaru Pisco Bar
  6. Llama Inn
  7. Surfish
  8. Chimu
  9. Panca
  10. Desnuda
  11. Mancora
  12. Jora
  13. Coco Roco