The Peruvian textile industry is centered on using the finest native raw materials such as Pima Cotton and Alpaca del Peru, as well as specializing in full package manufacturing (meaning that every step of production, from material to finished product, can be made in Peru). In recent years, innovative technological advances have been made, further enhancing Peru’s manufacturing capabilities such as the use of higher gauge machines, augmented printing and embroidery techniques, development of new blends, to name only a few. Synthetics production has also improved in Peru, which benefits greatly from the lack of tariffs (duty-free) being assigned to almost all Peruvian products under the Trade Promotion Agreement signed with the US.

Many famous international brands, from luxury to mass, have been producing their cotton knits in Peru, due to the quality of materials and the expertise of the factories working every detail. Alpaca del Peru is the preferred fiber of many designers, due the social and environmental responsibility of this fiber and sector, especially when it’s compared to cashmere and other fibers. Alpaca contains no lanolin, resulting in not much water being needed to wash it.  Alpacas themselves don’t destroy the environment where they graze and are well-treated animals. Alpaca del Peru: where luxury meets sustainability. Alpaca del Peru: See it. Feel it. Have to have it!