The Peruvian textile industry is based on using the finest raw materials like Pima Cotton and Alpaca del Peru, as well as specializing in full package manufacturing (meaning that every step of the production can be made in Peru). In recent years more technical advances have been added to the Peruvian supply of services including digital printing and development of new blends. Synthetic production has also improved in Peru, which benefits greatly from the lack of tariffs being assigned to almost all Peruvian products under the Trade Promotion Agreement signed with the US.

Many famous international brands have been producing their cotton knits in Peru, due to the quality of material and the expertise of factories working in every detail. The Alpaca del Peru growing production is now the preferred fiber of many luxury brands, due to the minimum environmental impact it has compared to cashmere and others. Alpaca has no lanoline, meaning not much water is used to wash it. They also don’t destroy the environment where they graze and are treated with great respect by their owners. Alpaca del Peru: where luxury meets sustainability. Alpaca del Peru: See it. Feel it. Have to have it!