Alpaca Fiesta:

Alpaca Fiesta, held in Arequipa, Peru on October 24– 26, 2018, is a full package sourcing trade show featuring the best of Peruvian manufacturing, specializing in Alpaca.  Vertically integrated factories, mid-size and more niche suppliers will all be present, exhibiting Alpaca del Peru along with its tremendous variety of blends (with cotton, wool, silk, linen, synthetics + more) and all its production possibilities for clothing, accessories and home.

The range of opportunity Alpaca del Peru provides is wide, as it is amazing how it goes from chunky to super fine and lightweight, making it ideal for all seasons.  Designers large and small, luxury to mass, all incorporate Alpaca del Peru in their collections.  Some because Alpaca and its industry in Peru is environmentally and socially responsible as well as sustainable, others because of the philanthropic nature of the Alpaca manufacturers, many donating portions of their sales to supporting local women-dominated knitting communities, because it’s a unique fiber, and pretty much all look to Alpaca del Peru for its softness, fineness, durability and high quality.

For further information and to attend the show, please contact: mleopold@iPeru.NYC