Tourism makes up Peru’s third largest export industry and is directed towards archaeological and cultural monuments, gastronomic tourism, ecotourism, and adventure tourism. There are 11 UNESCO approved sites throughout Peru including some very well-known ones such as Machu Picchu, the city of Cuzco and historic city centers like Lima and Arequipa, and the Nazca Lines. There are direct flights to Peru from JFK, Newark (7.5 hours) or Miami (5.5 hours) and around 7 other airports in US. From the Lima airport, considered for many years the best airport in South America, any other Peruvian destination can be reached in an average of one-hour.

There are three main tourism circuits one can follow when in Peru. The first is in the South and consists of Arequipa, Cuzco and Puno. This is where Machu Picchu (in Cuzco) and the Titicaca Lake (Puno) are located. Then you have Lima, which is the capital of the country and has different attractions in its surroundings. This city focuses on the blend of cultural and modern to host all types of tourism, from gastronomic (with some of the best restaurants in the world) to business travelers (with incredible hotels). Finally, the Northern circuit consists of the Ruta Moche and recently Kuelap, which is like Machu Picchu. Two coastal cities are key to this destination, which are the beautiful Trujillo and the delicious Chiclayo.

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